We are Nerida and Kirsten the duo behind 2 Find and Design.

2 Mothers based in the Illawarra Australia by chance realising we both were great lovers of a Coffee catch up, Blog followers, Interior Magazine hoarders, Design Addicts, Art dabblers, obsessed with Furniture Rearranging, Thrifting and Treasure Hunters, willing to help others with Décor Inspiration, and much more. There was far too much in common and as they say, 'one thing lead to another', we kicked off 2f&d and haven't looked back!


So now we are bringing to you the 2f&d Blog filled with Articles to feed the Women, Wives & Mothers out there in the webisphere who like us also love to hear from those alike on all the things that inspire, motivate and just help get through a busy life more easily and with style....


We would love to hear your comments, thoughts and suggestions.




N & K x