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pre sale preparation + partial property styling


We had a call from a young family who needed help with preparing their home for sale. We know it is hard to sometimes find the time to begin, or know where to begin and lets face it we don't all have a huge budget to play with!


Below are a few images of before and after pics of how a few simple and affordable changes can make a massive difference.  As we all know, first impressions count and even more so for your advertising campaign.


So after some tweaking and styling - even with torrential rain / localised flooding, this couple sold their house for above asking price and within 2 weeks of being on the market.


This was a partial styling job which means we used most of their current furniture and styled it with some of our furniture, homewares, art and soft furnishings to make the home look its best.  

kitchen before + after


In the kitchen we advised to modernise the room by installing open shelving, a sleek range hood, switch out the hardware, declutter and finishing up with a coat of light paint on the walls which complimented the dark wooden trim.  We love how light and airy this space now feels.

living room before + after

 In this space, we needed to reduce the oversized TV and furniture to open up this area.  We also created zones to seperate the living and dining area.  We did this by installing a rug and artwork.  Flowing on from the kitchen we continued the colour scheme. Now this room is clutter free, light and airy ready for photographing.

dining room before + after

The property had an amazing view so we removed the curtains and advised to have the blinds open to let in the natural light.

bed 1 before + after

Furniture placement in a room is crucial.  By simply moving the bed and a fresh coat of paint we brightened up and created space in this area.

bed 2 before + after

As the family were in the middle of packing, they were using this room as storage.  A room should show its purpose so we staged this room as a kids bedroom.

entertainment room before + after

With limited light source, the area was lightened up with a fresh coat of paint and decluttered to bring it back to its former glory as an entertaining space.

bathroom before + after

Lets start by saying excuse the quality of the before pics but you still get the general idea.  We really didn't change too much in here, it all came down to selecting the right colour to compliment what was already there.  The tapware and hardware were all updated, a bit of elbow grease and minimal styling gave a feeling of tranquility.


We get a kick out of finding a homes true potential. Our style concept is to use what you already have and fill in the gaps to enhance it. If you want more info on our styling, head over to our Design Services page.  


Hope some of these tips are helpful!
Kirsten + Nerida x


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