anthropologie inspired art - diy June 24 2019, 0 Comments

One of our great inspirations is the homewares and fashion store Anthropologie, sadly based in the US and not available here in Australia (insert sad face).





So off we went junking to find the perfect sized vintage frame as a start for our DIY. With our inspo picked from their current catalog our mission was to find a gold frame as large as possible.  






We found the perfect piece and got started by cleaning it and protecting the frame with painters tape.  We decided to leave the texture of the previous painting, (sorry original artist) and just paint a thin coat of white over the old canvas.



We had acrylic paint in black and white on hand and a stack of different brush sizes.



Perfection was not in our plan for this piece, so a more random brushstroke and thickness was our approach.  We worked together which added to the character.



We were pretty pleased with the finished product :)