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our top 5 styling tips for winter 2019


Winter is here! Our approach to styling is high / low with a hint of vintage. Here are our top tips for styling your home for winter. 


  • Layering - the best way to cosy up your pad for winter is to add comfy throws, cushions and rugs. Using similar colour tones, think textures like sheepskins, knits and velvet with a hint of linen in addition to your existing soft furnishings.  You don’t always have to think dark tones for winter, go with whatever you are drawn to.


  • Lighting – as the days get darker use globes with yellow undertones to create warmth through lighting. Think of relocating your current lamps or investing in a new show stopper to amp up the ambiance.  Candles can also be used to help achieve this effect.


  • Greenery – we spend less time outside in the winter, so why not bring the outside in. Drag in your potted plants or forage the garden for greenery to fill your vases.  Just simple clusters of leaves will give your space the outdoor hit it needs.


  • Vignettes – switch it up for winter. It’s always nice with the change of season to mix it up a bit.  You don’t always have to go shopping, shop you home – check those cupboards and relocate your favs.


  • Art – don’t forget your walls and use moodier pieces of art to cosy up your space. If you are on a budget, think magazine tear outs, your own pics or get creative with your own masterpiece.


Get the look:

Pot and Plant – Bunnings

Lamp & basket – kmart

Cushion – Adairs

Rug – Freedom

Mongolian sheepskin – Temple and Webster

Candles votives - Bed bath and Table

Art – Society 6


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